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Wheat Razor, Biodegradable Disposable Razor

Wheat Razor, Biodegradable Disposable Razor

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Eco friendly wheat straw handle razor

Vegan friendly
2 blades disposable razor suitable for body and face
Lubricating strip with Aloe & Vitamin E to protect your skin feeling smooth and fresh from any irritation
Fixed head for safe shaving
Ergonomic designed plastic handle for excellent control
Size: 107mm x 90mm
The so-called “Wheat Straw” is the general term for the stems and leaves of mature crops, and wheat straw is a widely used environmentally friendly material in recent years.

Widely favored by many environmentally conscious users, it has become the primary raw material promoted by the world’s environmental protection agencies or units.

These wheat straw razors are a great eco friendly alternative to plastic disposables as they are easy to to degrade, lightweight and free of heavy metals.


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