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1500ml, Silicone Zip lock Pouch

1500ml, Silicone Zip lock Pouch

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Take a big step towards a plastic free kitchen with thus reusable silicone food bags. They work much like the typical sandwich bags you buy from supermarkets, but with one important difference - they’re washable, resealable, and reusable many times. Use them to freeze leftovers that would otherwise end up in the bin, or as meal prep bags to organise a full week’s worth of dishes - their translucent design means you can always see what’s inside. They make excellent reusable sandwich bags too. You can seal up your snacks, then heat them directly in the microwave when you get to work or school. The bags are made of thick, flexible, LFGB grade silicone, and have a robust sliding seal mechanism that creates an airtight, leakproof lock - ideal for carrying in your bag, or eliminating spillages in the fridge or freezer. This listing is for a single 1.5 litre reusable sandwich bag


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