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Savings Scheme

Savings Scheme £40 Per Month

Savings Scheme £40 Per Month

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Kidz On Trend Savings Scheme

The aim is to enable you to accrue cash regularly, at a rate that suits you - spreading the cost of your goodies from us! No more disappointment when your favourite brand launches a new collection, which doesn’t align with pay day or a good month for you. You’ll have money in the kitty, ready to spend.

How does it work? Well, it’s really simple! Click the button below and purchase your first monthly amount.  You will then within 24 hours receive a request to confirm a direct debit each month, this will go to your order email address so please make sure this is the correct one you want to use.  Future payments to your plan come out of your account on the same date each month until you decide otherwise.

How do you spend your money? However you like! Once you are ready to spend, just use the 'use savings scheme funds' option at check out, we will then deduct of your total and email across details of your remaining balance.


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