• £10.00

White childrens hair towel from Cuddledry™ made from bamboo and organic cotton the Cuddletwist.

An ingenious new product from Cuddledry, the Cuddletwist is a super soft, super absorpbent shaped towel which makes drying children's hair quick and easy. No more drips, no fuss, just fun! You just pop the towel on the child's head, twist at the back and secure into the stretchy loop on top. The Cuddletwist is comfy, soft and stays in place perfectly. Made with silky soft natural bamboo fibre, so they are 60% more absorbent than cotton towels, and will never go rough and crunchy after the wash - hurray! Designed for children from about 18 months up - and don't be left out yourself, the stretchy fabric means they will fit grown ups too 


  • made with highly absorbent naturally soft bamboo
  • brilliant for after bath, shower or swim
  • no more drips from wet hair onto clothes or pyjamas!
  • cares for your child's hair - you hardly need a hairdryer any more